Croatia – new sojourn tax rates from 2018

In August 2017, the Croatian Government passed the regulation on the 2018 sojourn tax (tourist or visitor’s tax). The amount of the tax will be based on the boat length and the length of stay:

Boat LengthLength of StayAmount in Kuna
Amount in Kuna
5 – 9 metresup to 8 days130,00150,00
up to 15 days240,00300,00
up to 30 days400,00400,00
up to 90 days950,00600,00
up to 1 year2.000,001.000,00
9 – 12 metresup to 8 days400,00200,00
up to 15 days700,00350,00
up to 30 days1.200,00500,00
up to 90 days2.900,00650,00
up to 1 year5.800,001.100,00
12 - 15 metresup to 8 days500,00300,00
up to 15 days950,00400,00
up to 30 days1.600,00600,00
up to 90 days3.850,00750,00
up to 1 year7.700,001.300,00
15 - 20 metresup to 8 days650,00400,00
up to 15 days1.200,00500,00
up to 30 days2.000,00700,00
up to 90 days4.800,00850,00
up to 1 year9.600,001.500,00
über 20 metresup to 8 days950,00600,00
up to 15 days1.800,00800,00
up to 30 days3.000,001.000,00
up to 90 days7.200,001.300,00
up to 1 year14.500,001.700,00


Owners of boats longer than 9m will have to pay a higher sojourn tax. Staying longer than 15 days will cost considerably more in sojourn tax. Owners whose boat is up to 9m long and who will be spending 30 days in Croatia will pay as much as in the past: 400 HRK. Shorter stays will cost slightly less.

For owners whose boat is between 9 and 12m long, the annual sojourn tax will increase from 1,100 HRK (approx. €150) to 5,800 HRK (approx. €775).

Especially skippers using the Croatian cruising grounds for longer periods will not be pleased with the higher sojourn tax. Compared to other tourists, the sojourn tax is disproportionately high for boat owners.

SeaHelp, the cooperation partner of ADAC nautical tourism, has launched an online petition to make the Croatian authorities aware of the impact of their new regulation, aiming at an amendment for the benefit of leisure boaters.

Click here to support the online petition. Registration deadline: 30 October 2017.


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