Throwing a line

As we have seen in many of the manoeuvres shown, throwing a line is a very important skill. Again, this is basically quite easy once you get the hang of it:

  • First of all, attach one end of the line to a suitable cleat on the vessel. Make absolutely sure to guide the line onto the cleat from outside (i.e. from outside the railing). Otherwise, the line being thrown would pass over the railing from the inside to the outside, which always causes problems.
  • Now, coil the line properly. “Properly” means: Form round eyes or round turns which are identical in size and not twisted. The number of coiled round turns depends on the distance to be covered by the throw.
  • After coiling, reach your throwing hand into the coiled round turns from behind. The end of the line attached to the vessel will now be on the inside of your throwing hand. Firmly hold the loose end of the line in your other hand.
  • Then throw the line over the bollard or cleat in a swinging motion of your outstretched arm. The round turns previously formed will now open up into one wide coil which should ideally drop over the bollard or cleat.
  • Using the loose end still held in your other hand, you can now tighten the line.
  • In very windy conditions, you may have to adapt your throw to the probable drift of the line.