Liegeplatz: Côte d'Azur - Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhone (FR)

Bill O'brien Oceanic 30 MKII

EUR 35.000,-1978Katamaran Catamaran Multihull


Kunststoff GfK
guter Zustand
EUR 35.000,- EU-versteuert
Côte d'Azur - Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhone (FR)


9.50 m
4.30 m
0.80 - 0.80 m

Beseglung und Rigg

16 m²
16 m²


Wellenantrieb D-Drive
Sole Mini 29
2 x 27 PS
300 l

Einrichtung und Aufteilung

zugel. Personenzahl
Anz. Kabinen
Anz. Kojen
Anz. Naßzellen
170 l


Anker, Badeplattform integriert, Batterie, Batterieladegerät, Bilgepumpe, Bluetooth-Konnektivität, Bordcomputer, Bug-Ankerwinde, DVD-Player, Davits, Elektrische Toilette, Farbfernseher, Feuerlöscher, GPS, Gasherd, Generator, Heizung, Inverter, Klimaanlage, Kocher, Kompass, Kühlbox, Kühlschrank, Landanschluss, Navigationsbeleuchtung, Rettungsinsel, Satelliten-Telefon, Spüle, Unterwasseranstrich


A fine live aboard boat currently located in Port Saint Louis in southern France. An ideal location for cruising the Mediterranean. This boat was first registered in 1978 but was not launched until 1989. This boat has full standing headroom throughout the entire boat. It is very comfortable and very easy to sail. It has excellent stability in even the roughest weather.This Bill O’brien classic was once made famous as the first catamaran to ever sail around Cape Horn, see “Children of Cape Horn”. It has proven itself very seaworthy and is more than able to travel all around the world.Since I became the new owner of this vessel (2020-08-19) the boat has been totally refitted. Both engines have been switched out. On the port there is a Solé mini 29 (27 HP at 3600 RPM or 20 HP at 3000 RPM) , brand new wires to the motor and 2 start batteries just in case. New diesel filters were added as well. In the same engine room a brand new diesel heater at 5 kW with extended exhaust pipe is mounted. It has a separate diesel tank. The hot air goes to the bathroom, the saloon and both bedrooms. The heater works great and has a display on the electric switch panel. On the starboard side there is a prototype electric engine, a Sauer Danfoss 48 volt, 10 kW with a Hurth HBW 150-2r gearbox. 4 large batteries with about 900 Ah are connected to it. Both engine rooms have a 165 liter stainless steel diesel tank, both almost full. The starboard engine room has a dedicated place for the gasol to the oven, one half full tank installed and one brand new tank as a spare, there is also an extra regulator on board. New copper pipes, regulators and valves are mounted. A Honda EU20i electric generator with a dedicated place and predrawn wires to the electricity cabinet and the kitchen for offgrid 230 volt power supply. Both engine rooms have one manual bilge pump and one 12 V electric bilge pump mounted.Several anchors and plenty of chains on the boat. 2 brand new mooring ropes with springs. A lot of extra halyard ropes are also onboard.Both engine rooms and hatches at the back have stainless steel flooring.New halyards all around.The cockpit is fairly large and has a new plywood surface added. All hatches have been refitted and gas springs added to each hatch.The dinghy davits have been reinforced and extended. An extra frame is built on top of this to support 2 large sized solar panels, which were meant to be connected to the battery pack for the electric engine. The frame is temporarily used as a dinghy holder.Extra outboard engine mount installed. The outboard motor can easily be switched to the dinghy and back up. There is also a service bracket in the cockpit where it can be placed during service etc. The dinghy has a driver jockey seat and an extra stainless steel solar panel box that is supposed to support an extra electric outboard motor. The dinghy also has an extra electric bilge pump installed.The outboard engine is a Neptune 4 stroke 15 HP with hydrofoil added.Sunwind wind generator 600 W with built in MPPT, 12 or 24 volts. Taylor mounted on top of the ketch mast. It can reach incredible speeds!Mainsail from Inter Voiles, crosscut, about 3 years old that has been recut and a new furling genoa, great condition.The large saloon is well designed and easily fits up to 8 people on the couch alone. It could also be used as 2 extra beds. New hardwood oak floor. 1000 Ah main battery pack consisting of about 60 AccuCell sealed lead-acid batteries, 12V, 18Ah, mounted inside half the couch. The other half of the couch has free storage, right now the separate 480 Ah battery pack for the cooler is temporarily installed there, these consist of 8 Monolite FIT, 12V, 60 Ah. This pack is usually connected to the wind generator and cooler. A full size desk for work or navigation, easy to remove for quick access to the electric cabinet.In the electrical cabinet there is a Sunwind Peakpower 2,0 MPPT connected to the main battery pack in the couch and to the two 365 W solar panels mounted on the roof of the saloon. All cables in the entire boat have been switched out. And new switch panels mounted. You will also find the steering cable and the control cables to the motors and gearboxes inside this cabinet, all of which have been switched out for new ones.Both master bedrooms are also well designed and are fitted with full size beds and loads of storage and countertop surface.The bathroom has a brand new electric toilet, a refitted 135 liter stainless steel water tank with added water filter and new pipes. Full standing headroom to shower in, full size oak countertop with brand new wash basin and tap. Cabinets on both sides.A long galley kitchen refitted with a new water tank and tap. New oak countertop. Brand new Dometic Sunlight gasol oven. A great kitchen with loads of storage on both sides. Added shoe shelf and a new 230 V air conditioner at the end. New automatic 12 V Whale supersub bilge pumps underneath the kitchen floor and hallway floor on the other side.Please contact me for more information and more pictures!

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