Liegeplatz: Méditerranée - Port Napoleon (FR)

Bénéteau Océanis 43

EUR 135.000,-2008Highly upgraded for long-distance sai...


Festkiel mit Bombe
Kunststoff GfK
guter Zustand
EUR 135.000,- Verhandlungsbasis / EU-versteuert
Méditerranée - Port Napoleon (FR)


12.75 m
4.12 m

Beseglung und Rigg

39 m²
44 m²
120 m²


Wellenantrieb D-Drive
1 x 54 PS
200 l

Einrichtung und Aufteilung

zugel. Personenzahl
Anz. Kabinen
Anz. Kojen
Anz. Naßzellen
360 l
60 l


AIS, Anker, Autopilot, Backofen, Badeleiter, Batterie, Batterieladegerät, Bilgepumpe, Bimini-Top, Bug-Ankerwinde, Bugstrahlruder, CD-Player, Cockpittisch, Deckdusche, Druckwasseranlage, Entsalzungsanlage, Feuerlöscher, GPS, Gangway, Gasherd, Gasspürgerät, Geschwindigkeitsmesser, Icemaker, Inverter, Kocher, Kompass, Kühlschrank, Landanschluss, MOB-System, MP3-Player, Navigationsbeleuchtung, Radarreflektor, Radio, Rettungsinsel, Satelliten-Telefon, Satteliten-Internet, Sprayhood, Spüle, Tiefenmesser, UKW-Funk, Unterwasseranstrich, Warmwasseranlage, Windmesser


We are selling our beloved cruising home.Why are we selling?We just had the best time during our now twelve months on the Amadie, crossing the Atlantic and sailing the Caribbean. We would love to continue our journey into the Pacific or elsewhere around the world. But on the other hand, we miss our home, families and are a very young crew about to start our careers or continue our studies, so at this point in time, some of our crew members cannot afford more than one year of sailing adventure in their life planning. Hence, we are looking for a new owner for our beloved Amadie, who will give her the same love and care and have an equally great time as we did.What type of boat is the Amadie?The Amadie is a beautiful, blue Beneteau Océanis 43, built in 2008, the same year its popular little sister Beneteau Oceanis 40 won the 2008 Cruising World Boat of the Year. Throughout the past year she has been highly upgraded for open water and long-distance cruising.The Amadie has a four cabins, two heads layout, offering lots of space for families or crews up to eight people. The bright main salon with windows on the roof and along the entire length of the salon on both sides offers a spacious seating area around the main table, ending starboard in the map table and radio area. The galley stretches along the portside of the salon. Two heads with toilets and showers and two cabins with double berths in the rear of the salon complete the rear layout. We installed additional shelves on eye level around the salon and mast for additional storage space and easy access to any everyday items. A small corridor with a cabinet leads to the master cabin in the front. Starboard a fourth cabin with a bunk bed and additional installed shelves can be found.The spacious cockpit offers a steering wheel on each side. Eight people can easily fit on the comfortable benches around the central folding table. Bimini, sprayhood and solar panels protect from rain and sun almost anywhere in the cockpit.We put multiple weeks of work and thousands of dollars into upgrading the Amadie for maximum independency and cruising comfort for long-distance sailing. Now, after one year, we have tested, reworked and upgraded every element of the boat, that is necessary to lead a comfortable and safe cruising life. A few of the many major and minor upgrades include a high-end, high-capacity renewable energy system (see next question no. 2), a watermaker, new offshore sails bought in 2021, including a gennaker, AIS, satellite internet, 8hp dinghy engine, large dinghy (used), new spare running rigging, additional spare gas bottles, water bottles and gasoline tanks to minimize on land supply runs. Of course, the Amadie also comes with all standard safety and housing equipment. For a more extensive list please see below. All the equipment has been thoroughly tested, maintained and improved over the past 10.000nm by the crew, to ensure that the Amadie is ready to start on her next grand adventure with minimum works necessary.Who is it for?The Amadie has two distinct features, that make her special on the boat market.1. Considering the price point of the Amadie, she is very spacious and offers a lot of berths. She has four cabins with eight berths in total, so the boat is ideal for families with multiple kids or small adventurous crew, that want to live together on the yacht. Of course, the cabins can easily be transformed into useful storage space, if less than four cabins are needed. For example, the bunk bed cabin can easily be turned into a storage shelf, the front cabin can store surf boards and other bulky water equipment. 2. We upgraded the Amadie for maximum independency. Especially the huge capacity of our renewable energy system in combination with the watermaker allows us to basically stay out of harbors forever. The state-of-the-art renewable energy installations were part of a science project for energy generation on cruising yachts. They include eight (!) solar panels, a high-end wind generator, new high-capacity batteries and an energy monitoring system. The high energy generation also allows constant usage of water heater, water boiler, ice cube machine, projector and other electronics which greatly facilitates life on board. In combination with additional gas bottles and more than enough space for food storage, the Amadie is the yacht, for anyone, who wants to cruise far away from civilization, discover the most remote islands of our planet and still shower and drink an ice-cold cocktail every day.Are there any major issues or outstanding works with the yacht?The Amadie has been a charter boat for 12 years and sailed from the Mediterranean across the Atlantic and throughout the entire Caribbean. She is not a new boat and there are always smaller things to fix, but hey, that’s half of the fun of owning a sailing yacht, right? We have sailed the Amadie for over 14,000 nm by now and can honestly say, that we have not had any major issues with the yacht and would feel safe and confident to cross the next ocean by tomorrow.- Having said that please note, the bottom should get a new paint job after a year of sailing, which could be done either by the current crew or the new owner, depending on the sales price. - A new long-term owner should also consider a change of the standing rigging, which is still original from 2008, though recent checks by professionals certified it to still be safe. - The engine has 4100 hours, but has been professionally serviced at the recommended intervals and we haven’t had any trouble with it so far. By our judgement it is in a very good condition given the engine hours. - Note that the boat had ground contact in December 2021, but was thoroughly checked and professionally repaired afterwards. Since then, the boat has been sailed for six months and 8.000nm without any problems.Where can I inspect the boat?The Amadie is currently in dry storage in Port Napoleon, France. We can deliver the Amadie to any location in the Mediterranean for the takeover.

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