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World Cruiser, built in steel, ready for the big oceans - designed to handle all conditions. The current owner has built this beautiful ship in very good construction quality with well-made solutions. Luanda, as the ship is called, has proven that she can handle 20 years on the water, both in Southern and Northern Europe with the same captain at the helm. The ship is always looked after according to all regulations and continuously updated, ready for sailing on the world's oceans or as the perfect houseboat. LUANDA is largely self-sufficient with the help of solar- and wind energy and has massive anchor equipment that can handle most things. There is a lot of space for storing equipment - and the ship is delivered 100% ready to sail for a new skipper. Description of LUANDA's interior design At the front, descending from the deck, through a hatch that can be scaled, there is a spacious forepeak intended for storing sails and diving equipment. The bulkhead between the forpeak and the foredeck is fully welded and watertight. Activation of windlass and bilge pump takes place from the forepeak. Forward cabin: The cabin is furnished with a large double berth on the bb side, with stowage space and cupboards and drawers below. On the foredeck and on the south side there are spacious cupboards and a small seating area with space underneath. Standing height in berth 1.81m. Aft of the bunk room, on the bb side there is a spacious toilet with sink and hand shower, and on the sb side there is a small office. Forward cabin - toilet and office as well as the rest of the boat are separated by doors. The stern follows the galley. In bb, there is a particularly well-functioning kitchen that works under even the toughest conditions. A spacious and safe pilot's berth has been arranged on the sb side. Primarily intended for the free guard during sailing in "fresh" roads. In front of the pilot berth there is a cozy double dinette, and under the pilot berth there is good stowage space. Standing height in the galley 1.98 m. Aft of the galley comes the Wheelhouse/Dækssalonen. It is furnished with an unobstructed view in virtually all directions. The steering and navigation station is in the sb forward corner, and from here the boat can be steered in adverse conditions. There is a card drawer under the desk. Aft of the wheelhouse is the access to the deck. Under the deck on the sb side, there are various cupboards/hanging spaces. In the bb side is the boat's favorite place, 2 cross-positioned sofas with a large table between. Space for 4 people, but has managed 6 people. Standing height in the wheelhouse 1.87 m. Aft cabin. Downhill from the wheelhouse is the aft cabin. There are bookshelves mounted on the forecastle and in the fore and aft there is an angle sofa (can be used as a bunk) with a folding table in front. The entire aft bulkhead is furnished with cupboards. In the front bb corner there is a toilet with sink and hand shower. A washing machine is also set up here, which I have hardly ever used. Aft of the toilet on the bb side, there is a bunk room with a good adult bunk (my own) and an upper bunk which is primarily used for storage. Standing height in the aft cabin 1.75 m. The stern peak. The aft bulkhead between the aft cabin and the aft peak is fully welded and watertight. Access to the aft peak is from the aft deck through a large hatch which can be scaled from below. The room is intended for storage of various equipment for long-distance voyages/expeditions as well as ropes and fenders. In general for the boat, whether sheltered or on deck, is that you always have the opportunity to grab hold of something that is safe to hold on to. There is stowage space under all bunks, sofas and seats. Please contact Yachtbasen to arrange a viewing.

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